SimpleCater IQ

The Basics

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When you first log in to your account you will be able to see your

  1. Upcoming Orders - These are live orders that have been accepted and placed.

  2. Pending Requests - These are catering requests made and the status of their creation for you.


Navigate to the RequesT page where you can

  1. NEW REQUEST - Submit a request for menus by easily providing the details and Your PREFERENCES.

  2. REquest summary - track menu creation status and view a snapshot of your upcoming catering needs.

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enter the details of your catering and we will get to work on sending you options TAILORED just for you.

Select preferences for a list of specific needs such as vegan options, drinks, desserts, kosher, etc…

review and accept menus

once available, you can review the menus we have created and select the best option for your needs.

You may also request changes so we get it just right!

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Navigate to the orders page to easily view your approved orders scheduled for delivery.

view as a summary or expand to see progression details and menu items.

Please Contact us with questions

800 310-0650