Corporate Catering as a Sales Tool: How to Win Over Clients

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Business catering solutions have become a powerful tool for companies looking to win over clients and make a lasting impression. In today’s competitive landscape, corporate events and meetings are more than just a gathering of employees and business partners; they’re an opportunity to showcase your company’s values, culture, and vision. Offering delicious and well-presented food can create a positive and memorable experience, leading to stronger relationships and better business deals. This blog will explore how companies can leverage corporate catering services for meetings to improve sales and stand out in their industry.

Why Corporate Event Catering Matters

For sales professionals, keeping clients and employees engaged is crucial to the productivity of the meeting and, ultimately, the pitch. Providing food is an excellent way to hold your audience’s attention and keep them focused.

Not only does it cater to their basic needs, but it creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere conducive to success. Your clients will be more receptive to your proposal and providing fresh, locally-sourced food adds another layer of hospitality.

Benefits of Corporate Catering for Meetings

Productivity levels tend to dip in the afternoon as people’s thoughts drift off. They’ll be thinking about what they’ll have for lunch instead of focusing on the presentation you’ve worked so hard to prepare.

Treating your clients and employees with a great meal keeps them satisfied and shows you’re willing to go the extra mile for their comfort.

When everything goes right, leading a presentation over lunch can pay off immensely. By providing a personalized experience, you can showcase the value your company brings to the table (literally!)

How to Impress Clients with Catering Services

While serving food is an integral part of a sales pitch, not just anything will do. You need to choose options your audience will genuinely enjoy, so paying attention to the details is critical.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Ensure the food is fresh

No one wants to eat food that’s been sitting out for hours. Cold meals and soggy lettuce aren’t going to do you any favors.

Ensure your food arrives on time and before your guests arrive. Partnering with a concierge catering company like SimpleCater takes care of the fine details so you can spend more time preparing for your meetings.

Pay attention to dietary restrictions

Customized menus curated for your corporate event or meeting are a great way to ensure everyone has food to eat and feels well taken care of.

While it’s nearly impossible to anticipate every dietary restriction, calling your point of contact in advance will help you plan and make arrangements accordingly. Showing that you’re already thinking about their needs can be an impressive start to a meaningful relationship!

Choose local

Giving your potential clients the option to try something new provide a customized experience and a personal touch. By partnering with a corporate event catering company near you, you can delight them with delicious, locally-sourced food that arrives on time while supporting small businesses.

Improve Sales with Catering

Corporate catering for meetings fosters an ongoing relationship and an opportunity to make a connection that otherwise may not be established by sitting around the table and talking. It can boost employee morale and help potential investors see the value of your services.

Business Catering Solutions with SimpleCater

SimpleCater is a concierge catering service that offers corporate catering for conferences, networking events, meetings, and more. Just let us know how many people you need to feed, any dietary restrictions, and what you have in mind. We’ll create customized menus from local restaurants near you and ensure your food arrives fresh and on time. With so much on your plate, let us take care of the little things so you can focus on the meeting ahead. Sign up today and get your first catering on us!

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