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Taco Rico is dedicated to upholding the same values that made our first restaurant a staple of Miami eateries – fresh, homemade Tex-Mex cuisine, a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, and customer service where we treat you like family! Each customer receives a complimentary basket of chips they can enjoy with a variety of homemade salsas at our salsa bar. Our full Tex-Mex menu and cozy dining space has been a family favorite for generations. 

Taco Rico is dedicated to upholding the same values that made our first restaurant a staple of Miami eateries – fresh, homemade Tex-Mex cuisine, a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, and customer service where we treat you like family! Each customer receives a complimentary basket of chips they can enjoy with a variety of homemade salsas at our salsa bar. Our full Tex-Mex menu and cozy dining space has been a family favorite for generations. 

Panera offers a wide array of pastries and baked goods, such as bagels, brownies, cookies, croissants, muffins, and scones. These, along with Panera’s artisan breads, are typically baked before dawn by an on-staff baker. Aside from the bakery section, Panera has a regular menu for dine-in or takeout including flatbreads, pizzas, warm grain bowls, panini, pasta, salads, sandwiches, etc.

Best Local Pizza & Italian Food in South Florida. Order your favorite pizza, wings, classic Italian dishes, or salads and more for delivery or pickup, dine-in or take out, and we’ll provide you with a mouth watering experience. Sal’s Italian Ristorante is a cornerstone in South Florida with 15 locations and growing.

The charming ambience is reminiscent of a typical French cafe, with its cozy, understated interior and chalkboards announcing the daily specials. For those customers on the go, Café Crème Miami also offers a prompt carry out service, so that the busiest Miamians can enjoy its comforting cuisine, even if theres no time to enjoy the atmosphere.heart of New York City’s SoHo, now with locations in Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center. 

Bake Shack in Dania Beach, located at 238 S. Federal Highway, opened its doors in April of 2016 with a mission that goes beyond creating hand crafted treats. As co-owners, we each bring our own unique background to the business but are united in the mission to offer locals and visitors alike a thoughtful menu focused on traditional baking methods. heart of New York City’s SoHo, now with locations in Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center. 

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How can I choose the best caterer for my needs?

Seamless corporate catering is an essential ingredient for successful events in Tampa. Impress clients and colleagues with a meticulously crafted culinary experience, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Guest count and preferences: establish the number of attendees and any dietary restrictions to ensure a menu that caters to all.
  • Event style: formal plated dinners, casual buffets, or themed receptions? Match the catering style to your event’s tone.
  • Budget considerations: set a clear budget to find a corporate catering service in Tampa that aligns with your financial goals.
  • Capture Tampa’s essence: consider a menu that showcases Tampa’s unique culinary scene.

Exceptional food creates a lasting impression. Choose a caterer who delivers a culinary experience that reflects your company’s values.

By considering these key factors, you can select a corporate caterer who will transform your Tampa corporate event into a success.

What can I get catered for breakfast?

Tampa Bay boasts a thriving food scene, and your breakfast spread can be customized to showcase its flavor. Incorporate fresh, local ingredients or explore Tampa’s rich Latin heritage with Cuban pastries and vibrant flavors.

Define your breakfast catering vision by considering the number of attendees, dietary restrictions, and desired level of formality. Continental breakfasts with pastries and coffee are ideal for smaller meetings, while hot breakfast buffets offer more variety for larger gatherings.

Next, setting a clear budget upfront ensures you find a corporate catering service in Tampa that aligns with your financial goals. Most caterers offer tiered packages, allowing you to customize a delicious breakfast experience within your budget.

We recommend that you consider leaving the breakfast catering logistics to the professionals. Reliable caterers handle everything, from menu selection and setup to seamless delivery and cleanup, ensuring a stress-free morning for you and your team.

What can I get catered for lunch?

The Magic City is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, offering a range of international flavors from different continents. You have a variety of options for catering lunch – ranging from simple options suitable for corporate events to choices designed to impress your guests.

Corporate catering for events in Tampa can showcase this diversity through options such as Cuban cuisine, featuring dishes like Cuban sandwiches such as medianoche or cubano, arroz con pollo, and empanadas. 

Italian cuisine is also well-represented with catering choices that include pasta dishes such as lasagna or spaghetti, antipasto platters, and salads infused with Italian flavors. 

Additionally, Asian influences bring sushi platters, bento boxes, and stir-fry dishes to the table, offering a vibrant and varied selection for corporate events in Tampa.

Tex-Mex options are available as well, with catering options encompassing tacos of both traditional and fusion varieties, burrito bowls, and nachos topped with a variety of ingredients.

Caterers in Tampa also provide a versatile range of options for corporate events, ensuring that every aspect of the menu can be tailored to meet specific dietary requirements or preferences. 

Whether it’s accommodating gluten-free, vegan, or other restrictive diets, you can request customized menus from caterers that cater to diverse needs without compromising on taste. 

They offer a variety of lighter and healthier choices as well, such as salads brimming with fresh, local produce or wraps filled with options like grilled chicken, crisp vegetables, and flavorful hummus. 

Vegetarian and vegan selections are plentiful, featuring dishes like quinoa salads, vegetable-packed wraps, and savory tofu stir-fries, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a delicious meal that aligns with their dietary preferences.

For a corporate event in Tampa, consider adding a touch of tradition with options like barbecue or seafood. 

Being close to the Gulf of Mexico ensures abundant seafood choices, including fresh seafood platters, shrimp dishes, or flavorful fish tacos. Southern-style barbecue is another beloved option featuring ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, and classic sides such as coleslaw and cornbread.

For a more refined offering, elevate your menu with gourmet sandwiches that are sure to impress your guests. Think beyond the ordinary with choices like roast beef paired with horseradish, caprese sandwiches bursting with fresh flavors, or turkey complemented by cranberry aioli. These gourmet selections add a sophisticated touch to any corporate gathering in Tampa, catering to diverse tastes and ensuring a memorable experience.

Are there Mexican Food caterers in Tampa?

Yes, there are Mexican food caterers, perfect for your corporate event in Tampa. Known for its diverse culinary scene, the city boasts a variety of catering services tailored for corporate events, including those specializing in Mexican cuisine. 

If you’re planning a corporate event and want to ensure a high-quality culinary experience, consider leveraging corporate catering services offered by SimpleCater.

We can handle everything your company needs, allowing you to focus on your event while ensuring top-notch Mexican dishes like savory tacos, flavorful enchiladas, and fresh guacamole delight your guests. 

What type of food is most commonly catered in Tampa?

In Tampa, corporate catering often reflects the region’s influences. The scene blends regional flavors with influences from Latin America and the South, reflecting the city’s diverse culinary heritage, including:

  1. Seafood: in corporate events aiming to showcase the finest and most sought-after aspects of the city, it’s crucial to offer dishes that epitomize this distinction. In Tampa, owing to its proximity to the Gulf Coast, seafood is exceptionally popular and frequently featured on catering menus. Dishes such as grouper, shrimp, and crab are commonly served, providing a memorable gastronomic experience.
  2. Latin American Flavor: Tampa boasts a strong Cuban culinary influence, featuring dishes such as Cuban sandwiches (Cubanos), Ropa Vieja, and plantains commonly found in catering options. Additionally, dishes from countries like Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic are also highly popular in Tampa’s catering scene. If your company wishes to offer an international meal at an event, these options are frequently chosen for corporate catering in the city.
  3. Southern Cuisine: for companies opting for a more traditional route for their corporate events, offering intensely flavorful and distinctive Southern dishes is another popular choice. Southern staples such as barbecue, fried chicken, and biscuits often make their way into catering menus in Tampa. Other beloved dishes like shrimp and grits, collard greens, cornbread, and pecan pie also grace these menus, satisfying a variety of tastes with their rich flavors and hearty appeal.

SimpleCater in Tampa provides options for dietary restrictions and allergies?

Yes! At SimpleCater, we specialize in corporate catering and offer a variety of options to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor menus that cater to individual requirements, ensuring all guests are well-catered for. Common restrictive diets include vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and lactose-free, among others.

What food is Tampa Bay known for?

Tampa Bay boasts a distinctive food scene influenced by its Cuban and Spanish heritage. From the iconic Cuban Sandwich, packed with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on pressed Cuban bread, to specialties like Deviled Crabs – crab meat seasoned, breaded, and fried – there’s a rich array of flavors to discover.

Including these local favorites in your catering can elevate your guests’ experience, offering them a taste of Tampa without leaving the event venue. This can be especially appealing if your event includes guests from out of town, providing them a unique culinary experience that enhances their overall impression of the event and the city. 

Tampa’s cuisine not only reflects its cultural diversity but also ensures that your corporate gathering is both memorable and culturally enriching, making it an excellent choice for your upcoming event.

What do I need to pay attention to when choosing catering services in Tampa?

Here are some important considerations when selecting catering services for your corporate event in Tampa:

  1. Reputation and reviews: it’s crucial to choose a caterer with a solid reputation and positive client feedback.
  2. Experience and expertise: look for caterers experienced in handling corporate events similar to yours. Checking references can provide further assurance.
  3. Menu variety and flexibility: ensure the caterer offers a range of menu options suitable for different dietary needs and event themes. They should also be open to accommodating special requests.

Considering these factors will assist you in finding a caterer in Tampa that meets the specific requirements of your corporate event.

Established in 2012, SimpleCater has been at the forefront of streamlining the catering experience. We collaborate with a wide range of restaurants, enabling swift delivery of mouthwatering meals directly to your location.

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