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SimpleCater invites you to showcase your delicious food to our vast network of businesses. By partnering with us, we provide your restaurant with exceptional value in marketing, new sales, and process efficiency. Let us connect you with a wide range of clients seeking quality dining experiences.

Your catering sales extension

SimpleCater is an operational solution with a mutual interest in your success. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience, and have a thorough understanding of what it takes to set up a successful catering program.

We’ll provide you with valuable data on catering trends, business tastes, and ordering preferences. We also help with menu development and packaging to create a product that is sellable and transportable.  

Our mission

We want to strengthen our partnership and prove that our interest in selling your restaurant is mutual. Let SimpleCater help you grow this business. There’s nothing to lose and only business to gain...

Partners benefits

Increased sales
Organized ordering
Menu development
Logistics & deliveries
Phone & sales support

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