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Miami, a vibrant city known for its stunning beaches, great weather, and lively culture, is also a haven for seafood lovers. With its proximity to the ocean, it’s no surprise that Miami boasts some of the finest seafood restaurants in the country. Whether you’re craving a simple yet perfectly cooked fish, a luxurious seafood platter, or exotic flavors infused into classic dishes, Miami’s seafood scene has something to satisfy every taste.

This guide will take you on a culinary journey to discover Miami’s top seafood restaurants, each offering an epic dining experience. From the freshest catches of the day to creative culinary masterpieces, these restaurants are renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative approach to seafood!

Miami’s seafood restaurant scene: a delectable culinary journey

From South Beach and Downtown to Miami Gardens and Fort Lauderdale, there’s no shortage of suggestions for a bespoke seafood restaurant experience in Miami. Looking for fine dining in prime locations? Check. Looking for a fish and seafood market to grab some bounty for your home cooking? Done. Delicious meals by the Miami River or Biscayne Bay? We have you covered.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see and taste what the Miami seafood scene offers. Our suggestions are as follows!

Gourmet seafood dining in Miami

Miami has much to offer for gourmet seafood restaurants, where customers can enjoy delicious meals under the fitting Florida weather. Here are some of the top places to consume the most exquisite fish, crab, lobster, and more in the city:

Joe’s Stone Crab

Established in 1913, this restaurant is a timeless Miami Beach institution celebrated for its signature stone crab claws.

Renowned for their fresh and succulent flavor, the claws are served with Joe’s famous mustard sauce. This creates a culinary experience steeped in tradition that has even been featured in Michelin’s Guide. 

Beyond the stone crab, Joe’s offers a diverse menu featuring classic seafood dishes and prime steaks. The restaurant exudes an old-school charm, providing a lively and bustling atmosphere and making it a favorite among locals and tourists.

Truluck’s ocean’s finest seafood & crab

Truluck’s is a beacon of sustainability in Miami’s upscale dining scene. With a commitment to responsibly sourced seafood, the menu boasts a variety of fresh options, including crab and lobster. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance sets the stage for a refined dining experience, ideal for special occasions.

Complementing its culinary offerings, Truluck’s has garnered praise for its award-winning wine selection. Some locations even feature live entertainment, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the overall dining experience, with locations in both Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Estiatorio Milos by Costas spiliadis

Nestled in the heart of South Beach, Estiatorio Milos invites diners on a journey through Mediterranean flavors with a focus on fresh seafood. The restaurant’s open kitchen concept allows guests to witness the culinary mastery firsthand as chefs expertly prepare seafood selections. 

Milos goes further by offering a fresh seafood market, allowing patrons to personally select their seafood, which is then prepared to perfection. The elegant and upscale setting creates a relaxing atmosphere, making Estiatorio Milos a standout destination for those seeking a sophisticated seafood restaurant experience in Miami South Beach.

Miami’s must-try seafood restaurants: from Miami lakes to biscayne bay

In addition to the exquisite dining experiences, Miami also boasts many must-try seafood restaurants worth visiting. Here are some popular spots:

Ceviche 105

With multiple locations across South Florida, Ceviche 105 is a locally acclaimed Peruvian restaurant known for its outstanding ceviche and seafood dishes. The menu features a variety of ceviche options prepared with fresh fish and vibrant flavors. The casual yet stylish atmosphere and the restaurant’s dedication to authentic Peruvian cuisine provide a unique and delightful seafood dining experience.

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market

Located along the Miami River, Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market is a local gem known for its casual and laid-back atmosphere. Its focus on fresh seafood straight from the adjacent fish market sets Garcia’s apart. Diners can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, from fish tacos to stone crab claws, all while taking a beautiful view of the river. The tranquil setting and emphasis on freshness make Garcia’s a must-try for those seeking an authentic Miami seafood experience.

Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant

Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant stands out as a hidden gem in the Miami seafood dining scene, offering a unique combination of a seafood market and a restaurant. Guests can select fresh seafood from the market and have it cooked to order in the adjacent restaurant. The casual and unassuming setting, coupled with the opportunity to choose and enjoy a variety of seafood, makes Captain Jim’s a distinctive and local seafood dining experience.

Cayo Esquivel Seafood

A family-owned restaurant specializing in Latin seafood dishes with a Cuban flair. It has served the Hialeah Gardens community and its surroundings for nearly twenty years. Some popular items on the menu include the sopa marinera, a soup with mixed shellfish, fried shrimp, and cod fritters. 

The restaurant also has a fish market where customers can buy fresh seafood. Cayo Esquivel Seafood is known for its delicious food, friendly service, and home-cooked atmosphere. If you are looking for a great seafood restaurant in the Miami Lakes area, you might want to give Cayo Esquivel Seafood a try.

Ocean’s bounty: exploring Miami’s fresh seafood markets

As listed above, it’s a common trend for Miami’s seafood restaurants to display their fresh stock for sale. It comes as no surprise since South Florida is well-known for its rich supply of ocean bounty that is sought-after in other parts of the country.

If you’re a seafood aficionado looking to cook your seafood feast, Miami’s fresh seafood markets should be on your radar. Here are some other suggestions where you can find the freshest catches in town while maybe also grabbing a fish or shrimp bite:

Casablanca Seafood Fish Market

This establishment is not only a restaurant but also a market where you can buy fresh fish and shellfish ice. You can choose from seafood, such as snapper, grouper, shrimp, and more. You can also enjoy their restaurant on the Miami River, where they serve their signature paella, grilled lobster, or fried calamari, among other delicious dishes.

Don Camaron Seafood Grill & Market

A seafood restaurant near Miami Lakes also has a market where you can buy fresh seafood. At Don Camaron you can choose from ceviche, grilled fish, seafood paella, and more from their menu. They also have a diverse selection of seafood at their market, such as salmon, tuna, octopus, and more. You can enjoy a satisfying meal in a relaxed atmosphere here.

Plaza Seafood Market

Plaza is a market/restaurant in Allapattah, around Little Santo Domingo, that offers quality seafood at affordable prices. You can buy fresh snapper, grouper, lobster, shrimp, and more from their market, or order fried seafood from their counter. 

They also have a side of tostones and rice and a house “pink sauce” that goes well with everything, should you choose to dine at their restaurant and enjoy their seafood dishes.

Broward Meat and Fish Company

A neighborhood butcher shop and seafood market that serves the diverse South Florida community. It has four locations in Pembroke Pines, North Lauderdale, Margate, and Lauderdale Lakes. It offers a broad selection of quality local, Caribbean, and international foods, focusing on fresh food and full-service counters for custom cuts and online ordering services. 

Broward Meat and Fish Company is a place where you can find everything you need for your traditional, home-cooked meals, that’ll transform your place into a bona fide seafood restaurant.

Waterfront seafood dining: Miami’s scenic restaurants

Miami’s scenic waterfront restaurants offer delicious seafood and breathtaking views. Here are a few options:

Rusty Pelican

Overlooking Biscayne Bay, The Rusty Pelican provides a unique waterfront dining experience in Virginia Key. This seafood restaurant offers a blend of fresh ocean bounty and stunning views of the Miami skyline. 

The diverse menu features seafood classics like lobster tail and Chilean sea bass, alongside creative dishes that showcase local flavors. The Rusty Pelican’s combination of upscale dining, bayfront ambiance, and live music on certain nights makes it a distinctive choice for a memorable seafood experience.

Seaspice Brasserie 

Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge combines a refined dining atmosphere with a chic waterfront setting on the Miami River. The restaurant features a globally inspired seafood menu, offering a variety of crudos, ceviches, and seafood platters. 

Guests can arrive by boat and enjoy dining on the outdoor terrace with panoramic views. The stylish decor, riverfront location, and innovative dish options make Seaspice stand out for a sophisticated Miami seafood dining experience.

Monty’s Raw Bar

For a laid-back seafood experience with a tropical vibe, Monty’s Raw Bar in Coconut Grove is a local favorite. Situated on the marina, Monty’s offers an outdoor tiki bar atmosphere, complete with palm trees and live music. As a seafood restaurant, its menu features a variety of options, including peel-and-eat shrimp, conch fritters, and fresh fish tacos. With its casual setting, waterfront views, and lively ambiance, Monty’s Raw Bar provides a unique and relaxed seafood experience in the heart of Miami.

By now, it should be clear that Miami offers a seafood restaurant scene like no other that will cater to all appetites. From exquisite dining experiences to must-try restaurants, fresh seafood markets, and waterfront dining options that get the most from South Florida’s prime location for fresh bounty, Miami has something for everyone, whether you’re a food aficionado or looking for a good meal on a budget. 
There’s no time to waste. Get the ground running and enjoy our suggestions for the best seafood restaurants near you that Miami offers.

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