Explore Atlanta’s Top 10 Brazilian Restaurants for Authentic Flavors

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Atlanta, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, offers an array of dining experiences that amaze the taste buds of food enthusiasts. Among these, Brazilian cuisine stands out with its rich, vibrant flavors and hearty dishes. In this guide, we invite you to explore the top 10 Brazilian restaurants in Atlanta, each promising an authentic culinary adventure.

From traditional churrascarias to cozy, family-run spots, these Brazilian restaurants capture the essence of that country’s diverse gastronomy. Whether you’re longing for the smoky taste of perfectly grilled barbecue meats, the comfort of feijoada, or the freshness of tropical fruits and vegetables, these eateries offer a true taste of Brazil in the heart of Atlanta.

Best Brazilian Restaurants in Atlanta: Steakhouses, All-You-Can-Eat Joints, and Much More

Regarding finding authentic Brazilian cuisine, Atlanta is a city that doesn’t disappoint. With a vibrant food scene and a strong Brazilian community, the city offers a variety of options for those looking to savor the flavors of South America. From traditional churrascarias to cafés with savory treats, there’s something for everyone in Atlanta’s Brazilian culinary landscape.

Brazilian All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Restaurants: Churrasco and Other Delights

If you’re craving a true taste of Brazil, look only as far as the Brazilian restaurants in Atlanta. These establishments bring Brazilian cuisine’s rich flavors and vibrant colors to the heart of Georgia’s capital. As you step inside, warm hospitality and the enticing aroma of grilled meats and spices welcome you. Check some options below:

Sabor do Brasil

Located in Marietta, this restaurant serves homemade Brazilian food, such as coxinha, escondidinho, moqueca, and brigadeiro, all in an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can enjoy a flavorful and satisfying meal, with authentic and fresh ingredients. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate atmosphere and has received praise for its staff. On weekends, clients are greeted by live music and special daily dishes. It also has online ordering and delivery options for those who want some taste on the go.

Goianão Restaurant

A typical Brazilian buffet restaurant offers various traditional dishes, such as rice, black beans, salads, meats, and desserts. You can enjoy a hearty and affordable meal, with a self-service system. Clients are invited to dine in Goianão’s welcoming halls and explore the attached supermarket and bakery, filled with Brazilian goods and confectionery. It is also located in Marietta.

Beef Grill

North of Route 19 lies the Beef Grill, a Brazilian restaurant that serves barbecue, such as steak, chicken, sausage, and ribs, in the traditional churrasco way, along with sides and sauces. You can enjoy a juicy and tender meal, with a low price and a large portion. The restaurant has a simple and rustic atmosphere, with a hole-in-the-wall vibe and fast service.

Porto Brasil

Sandy Springs regulars should take advantage of this place, famous for serving authentic Brazilian cuisine, made with fresh ingredients and family recipes. You can enjoy dishes such as lamb, chicken, picanha, feijoada, and roasted pineapple, as well as a buffet option and a full bar. The restaurant has a cozy and warm atmosphere, with a friendly staff and live music on weekends. It also offers online ordering and delivery options.

Churrascaria Craze: Brazilian BBQ Joints in Atlanta

As we’ve seen, Brazilian restaurants in Atlanta are known for incorporating churrasco, the traditional Brazilian barbecue, into their offerings. But for die-hard meat lovers, there’s also a chance to try more specialized and high-end churrascarias in and around the capital. After all, there is no coming back after having some perfectly cooked picanha and coração de galinha while being served in a rodizio. These Brazilian BBQ joints serve a mouthwatering selection of grilled meats, for an experience away from the American tradition.

Fogo de Chão

With multiple locations across the US, Fogo de Chão is a renowned Brazilian steakhouse offering a captivating dining experience in the heart of Buckhead. The restaurant’s signature churrasco-style cooking involves skilled gaucho chefs presenting a continuous selection of expertly grilled meats tableside. With a sophisticated ambiance and warm Brazilian hospitality, patrons can savor premium cuts such as prime sirloin and lamb chops. The upscale setting and expansive salad bar contribute to an authentic and memorable Brazilian culinary adventure


Passador is a relatively new steakhouse specializing in Brazilian rodizio, featuring 16 different cuts of meat, a salad bar, and a dessert cart. You can taste meats such as picanha, fraldinha, and chicken, as well as salads, cheeses, fruits, and sweets. The steakhouse has a modern and spacious atmosphere, with a full bar and a patio, where regulars can enjoy great churrasco at fair prices throughout the week.

Red & Green Steakhouse

Meat lovers can also enjoy a very traditional Brazilian steakhouse in Northeast Atlanta – the Red & Green Steakhouse. There, clients can indulge in unlimited salad bar servings and churrasco served tableside by waiters, including 22 different types of meat. It counts with a wine cellar with great selections, a private room, and a bar, so be sure to try some caipirinha or caipiroska for a true Brazilian experience. Regulars can enjoy Red & Green from Tuesdays to Sundays, while the house is also open for lunch during weekends. 

Brazilian Sweets and Treats: Atlanta’s Dessert Spots and Cafeterias

It’s common for Brazilian restaurants to strive for a complete dining experience for clients, covering every course. That’s why you can have great desserts at an all-you-can-eat-buffet and some traditional Brazilian dishes even in a small cafeteria, for example. The latter is the case for the following establishments, which, despite specializing in sweets and pastries, also offer lunch and dinner meals and snacks to keep the hunger at bay in the Atlanta area.

Rio Steakhouse & Bakery

If you crave an authentic Brazilian steakhouse, you should check out Rio Steakhouse & Bakery in Marietta. This restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat option which includes salads, sides, and grilled meats. They also have a bakery that serves delicious pastries, cakes, and drinks, such as pastel de carne, pão de queijo, empada, açaí bowls, quindim, and much more. 

Golden Drops Café

Northern Decatur houses the Golden Drops Café, a hidden gem for those looking for delicious traditional Brazilian delights and other Latin and Caribbean-inspired meals. There, you can try pastries such as pastel, coxinha, and misto quente, while enjoying a fine cup of coffee sitting on the outside deck under the fine weather. Golden Drops is also keen on promoting its cultures, with live music shows and karaoke nights for more enthusiastic regulars.

Brazilian Bakery Café

This Marietta bakery and café offers a variety of traditional Brazilian pastries, sandwiches, cakes, and drinks, such as pastel de carne, pão de queijo, quindim, tapioca, and more. You can savor sweet and moist cakes, with more than 25 flavor options, from chocolate and passion fruit to dulce de leche. To top it off, Brazilian Bakery Café also serves feijoada to the public on Saturdays, underlying its Brazilian pride and heritage.

Atlanta and its surroundings offer a haven for discovering some of the best Brazilian food in the United States or for those who want to try a new and exciting cuisine. From meat lovers to those with a sweet tooth, there’s something for everyone in Atlanta’s Brazilian restaurants. Whether it’s a churrascaria, an all-you-can-eat-buffet, or a café, be sure to check out and indulge in South America’s largest country and its great culinary heritage. You won’t regret it!

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