How to Attract Audiences to Your Lunch and Learn Event

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If you’re looking to boost employee engagement and achieve business initiatives, a lunch and learn event may be the key to success. These professional development events offer a unique opportunity to provide targeted training or educational content while allowing team members to bond over a shared meal.   

However, regardless of how interesting your event’s topic is, getting people to attend can be challenging. That’s where office catering services come in. By offering delicious, exciting food options, you can attract more people to your event and create a unique learning experience that takes care of business. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of lunch and learns, the role of corporate catering in event success, and provide tips on how to plan your next corporate catering with ease. Whether you’re an HR professional looking to upskill your team or a manager hoping to boost morale, keep reading for expert advice!  

Benefits of Lunch and Learn Events  

Lunch and learns are professional development events where teams get together to cover work-related topics over a meal, typically paid for by the company. They can make achieving business purposes, whether a training seminar, presentations, workshops, or introducing new company initiatives, more memorable and unique.  

Lunch and Learns also improve employee satisfaction and foster a corporate culture that prioritizes their well-being and makes an extra effort to make professional development enjoyable, opening new opportunities for team building, collaboration, and connection.  

How Corporate Catering Services Contribute to Lunch and Learn Success  

Lunch and learn events are typically voluntary, unlike business lunch meetings, so the primary incentive for attending is the draw of free food. The good news is that everyone loves free food, but the key to keeping them engaged and focused is to delight them with new and exciting options that make an impact.   

Instead of thinking of lunch as an afterthought, you can use it to impress your staff, show them you went the extra mile, and incentivize higher attendance. Once they’re there, they’ll be able to refuel and build connections with their team members and hopefully keep them coming back in the future!   

How to Plan Office Catering Services for Your Lunch and Learn  

While it’s important to consider your staff’s preferences accommodating all requests isn’t always financially possible, and neither is ordering a full course meal for a 30-minute presentation.  

Keep in mind the length and topic of your lunch and learn, as well as an estimate of how many people you can expect to show up. This will help prevent you from ordering too much or too little food and ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  

Corporate Catering for Lunch and Learn Success  

Lunch and Learns are an opportunity to improve your company’s culture by using food to bridge the gap between departments, age groups, and more to fuel organizational development. While the learning aspect helps you achieve business goals, the lunch is what will impress your team and adds the personalized touch that makes an impact.  

With a little planning and partnership with a trusted corporate catering company, you can host a lunch and learn that enables better collaboration, enhanced productivity, and holistic growth for your organization. 

SimpleCater: Corporate Catering Solutions You Can Trust 

If you’re struggling to organize an informative and objective-driven lunch and learn event while also trying to accommodate your employees’ catering needs, SimpleCater is here to help. As the top concierge catering company in Dallas, we offer hassle-free corporate catering solutions that attract, delight, and retain audiences, clients, and top performers for your business.  

With our easy-to-use online platform and dedicated team, you can arrange catering for any business event and rest assured that the right amount of food will be delivered fresh, on time, and within budget. We partner with hundreds of food vendors and local restaurants to develop custom menus that meet your unique needs. Elevate your next business event and enjoy your first concierge catering service with us!

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