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Are you in charge of ordering lunch for the office? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Organizing lunch for your colleagues can be a manageable task. With some planning and these helpful tips, you can ensure that everyone enjoys a delicious meal that satisfies their cravings. Whether it’s a team meeting, a client visit, or simply treating your hardworking employees, here are some important factors to consider when ordering lunch for the office.

Things to not forget for a lunch order

When placing a lunch order, keeping a few key things in mind is essential. Please address these factors to avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction among your coworkers. Here’s what you should remember:

Dietary restrictions

Before placing an order, gather information about any dietary restrictions or allergies your colleagues or workers may have. It’s important to have options that cater to everyone’s needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, should anyone have any eating particularities. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the meal without any concerns.


Variety is the spice of life, they say. Ensure your lunch order includes many options to accommodate different tastes and preferences. From sandwiches and wraps to salads and soups, having a diverse menu will more easily satisfy everyone’s cravings. Remember to include options for different dietary needs as well.

Portion sizes

Consider the appetites of your coworkers and order accordingly. It’s better to have a little extra food available than not enough. A generous lunch spread will keep everyone satisfied, productive, and energized.


Keep your budget in mind while selecting the menu. It’s important to balance providing a delicious meal and staying within the company’s financial limits. Look for cost-effective options that don’t compromise quality, relying on testimonies, reviews, or first-hand experience from someone you trust.

Delivery and timing

Coordinate with the catering service to ensure the delivery time aligns with your office schedule. Fresh and timely delivery is crucial to keeping the food at its best quality. Plan and communicate any specific timing requirements to the catering service. Don’t forget to consider that separate individuals or full teams may have different break schedules to enjoy their ordered lunch.

Ordering Lunch for the Office: tips to do easily

Ordering lunch for the office can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming. However, with the following tips, you can make the process a breeze:


To avoid any last-minute hassle, try pre-ordering your office lunch. This saves time and allows you to plan and ensure a seamless experience while ensuring the order is 100% accurate to your needs. Many corporate catering companies offer pre-ordering options, allowing you to customize your meal according to your preferences.

Online ordering platforms

Embrace the digital era and take advantage of online ordering platforms. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse menus, select items, and customize orders easily. Some platforms even offer special deals or discounts for corporate orders. 

However, ensure there’s some field where you can add observations on ingredients, particular requests from colleagues, or delivery instructions, as online-first experiences can lead to miscommunication between customers and suppliers.

Bulk ordering

Placing bulk orders can often lead to cost savings. Many catering companies offer discounted rates for large orders, making it a budget-friendly option for office lunches. Consider consolidating orders to take advantage of these deals, including orders for several days.

Request samples

If you need more clarification about the quality of the catering service, feel free to request samples before placing a larger order. This allows you to taste their options and ensure they meet your expectations. A reliable catering service will happily provide samples or arrange a tasting session for potential commercial partners.

Go Local

The logistics of meal order deliveries is also an important factor for corporate lunch success, from avoiding unforeseen troubles to assuring meals get to your colleagues fresh and at the right temperature. Try browsing for catering companies near you, not only for food safety aspects but also to help boost the economic growth within your community. Finally, this can also help reduce transportation fees involved in these transactions, which is a win-win situation for all involved.

Keep it fun!

Inject excitement into office lunches by organizing themed meals, surprise treats, and birthday plates for the staff. This creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for your coworkers.

Gather feedback

After each lunch order, gather feedback from your colleagues. This helps you understand their preferences and make better decisions for future orders, including for future meal organizers. Encourage open communication and listen to their suggestions to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Ideas for Lunch Order for the Office

Now that you’re equipped with tips for a successful lunch order, let’s explore some menu ideas to inspire your taste buds. Here are some popular meals to consider:

Classic Sandwich Platter

A selection of fresh sandwiches with various fillings, such as turkey, ham, chicken, and vegetarian options. Include an assortment of bread types and condiments for added customization.

Gourmet Salad Bar

A build-your-own salad bar with fresh greens, vegetables, proteins (such as grilled chicken, tofu, or mushrooms), and dressings. This allows everyone to create a personalized salad that suits their preferences.

Hot Buffet

Choose a hot buffet with various cuisines, from Italian pasta dishes to Mexican burritos and Asian stir-fries. This provides a substantial and satisfying meal for you and your colleagues.

Sushi Platter

For sushi lovers, a carefully curated sushi platter is always a hit. Include a variety of rolls – cold and hot -, nigiri, and sashimi. Remember to provide vegetarian options for those who don’t consume raw fish.

Build-your-own Taco Bar

Let your colleagues customize their tacos with protein options (such as grilled chicken, beef, chilli, pork, or vegetarian fillings) and toppings like salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese.

By following these tips and considering your colleagues’ preferences, you’ll become the office hero when ordering lunch. Enjoy exploring different cuisines and providing delicious meals that keep everyone satisfied and energized throughout the workday!

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