What cuisine can I order?

Anything you want!  

We work with over 200 restaurants in the South Florida area.
Tell us what you are craving, and we will find it.

How early in advance do I have to make an order?

More time equals more options.

Orders are typically preferred at least a day in advance but we can accommodate last minute orders as well.

How much will it cost?

You tell us!

We work within your budget and will create as many proposals as needed to meet your desired price point. Our service fee as well as delivery are all included in the final price.

Do I need to tip drivers?

No and they are not expecting it.

Our drivers are trained to provide you with great service. Our logistics partner pays them the bulk of delivery fees collected.

Vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy free. Can you help?

Demanding Executives...Yup, we get it!

Customizing a menu for everyone’s special requests is hard. We will quickly put together menus to make sure everyone’s needs are met. This is where SimpleCater saves you time.